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Lisa & Herbert

Founder of Farmlifes

We, Lisa and Herbert, bring our deep connection and understanding of agriculture directly from our own history. Growing up on mountain farms in the small-scale Oberpinzgau in Salzburg, we grew up with the challenges and beauties of rural life. Our experiences have taught us how important it isalienation between consumers and agricultural production. The dependence on subsidies and the lack of appreciation for farmers' hard work motivated us to find a solution. With Farmlifes we want to build a bridge that not only makes it easier to access high-quality, local food, but also shares the stories, values and passions behind these products. With Farmlifes, we seek to create a community where everyone can recognize and appreciate the quality and value of farmers' work - an initiative that comes straight from the heart and that we are proud to promote.

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The vision of Farmlifes

“We strive to pave the way for agricultural businesses to economic independence and sustainable development through digital innovations.”

The Mission of Farmlifes

"Our mission is to give farms the tools and knowledge they need to successfully market their products, operate more efficiently and build closer relationships with their customers by providing an intuitive platform and tailored support "We promote economic independence and raise awareness of sustainable agricultural practices. Together we build a bridge between traditional agriculture and the possibilities of the digital world."


How we achieve this

With Farmlifes we offer you a digital solution for more transparency and customer loyalty. We support you in presenting your products and their origin in an understandable way.

Farmlife's Farmcode Feldinger's Hausgartl

Digital brand of origin

With your farm code  You guarantee the origin of your products, anytime and anywhere – digitally, securely, transparently.

Farmlife's Feldinger's Hausgartl

building up trust

Trust is the basis of every relationship. The Farmcode builds and further expands it with your customers through transparency and authenticity.

Farmlifes Farmcode Kundenbindung

Strengthen customer loyalty

Strengthen the bond with your customers through direct exchange and individual experiences. Send them information and news and keep them up to date.

Farmlifes Umsatzsteigerung

increase sales

Use our platform to increase your visibility and significantly increase your sales. Get more inquiries and orders through your digital origin brand the farm code.

Farm code and product code

The farm code leads customers directly to the farm of origin, making the route of your food transparent. The product code, on the other hand, provides detailed information about the product itself and the origin of its ingredients, allowing a deeper insight into the quality and processing process. Both codes together provide a comprehensive picture of the product history.

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Farm code
Feldinger's house garden

Product Code
Cress sprouts

Farmlife's Farmcode Products

Already on 1.3 million product packages

Our digital brand of origin - the farm code is already integrated on more than 1.3 million product packaging. In this way, companies increase transparency and trust among their new and regular customers.

Digital brand of origin

Transparent manufacturing

More trust in your products

More transparency & Customer loyalty with Farmlifes

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