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We show you where your food comes from

Farmlifes - Digital origin labeling and smart tools for agriculture and tourism

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Who we are and what we do

Farmlifes is a young company from Salzburg dedicated to supporting and promoting small agricultural businesses. We develop intelligent digital solutions that assist agricultural operations in becoming more independent from the market and in shaping their business management more flexibly and autonomously.

Our aim is to make small agricultural businesses economically successful and thus save them from closure. Agriculture is the largest economic sector in the world, and approximately 85% of agricultural operations are small family-run farms. By preserving agricultural businesses, we simultaneously protect green spaces, flower meadows, our biodiversity, and organic farms that our environment so crucially needs for the future.

Our first product to achieve this goal is a digital origin labeling for food, combined with a community app for farmers. In the future, we also aim to simplify shopping at small agricultural businesses, thereby enabling higher sales for producers.

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